5 gadgets for your renovated bathroom | Create your dream bathroom

Guide for creating your dream bathroom

Tune up your dream bathroom to enjoy it more than ever finding the right accessories for your taste and needs.

Do you know how many hours a week you spend in the bathroom? More than you imagine! Walking into the bathroom to get ready every morning has become our bread and butter. Face wash, shower, creams, make-up or a well-deserved bath are the little moments that only you understand and appreciate. Therefore, when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom, make sure you are well-informed and consider what you will require it to have. Take a look at your design magazines, faucets catalogues and trendy blogs to find what you are looking for. Do not settle for less than perfection! 

Do you need some inspiration to get started? Here are 5 original ideas to decorate your bathroom in a pragmatic and eye-catching manner:

  1. Space

Available dimensions may limit your decoration when creating a space to store cosmetics without looking messy. Look for bathroom furniture that make the best use of space and do not expose the interior. If well placed, a mirror can optically enlarge the space.

  1. Brightness

Choose carefully the lightning you want in your bathroom depending on its limitations. For example, if there is no window or it is small, you may substitute one of the walls with a glass with blinds. You will keep the natural light and your privacy. You may also choose from among different artificial lighting designs, you are sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom.

  1. Nature

One or two plants will some life and is an elegant way to enhance your bathroom. You can place a big one on the floor as the key player, or a smaller one hanging from the wall or on the washbasin. Choose the plant you like the most and a spot to make it shine.

  1. Atmosphere

The morning ritual is very private one. To withdraw from any worldly distractions, your best bet is decoration to help create a relaxed atmosphere. You may scatter some candles, incense or a small water-proof music system. You will not want to leave!

  1. Faucet

Choose taps carefully to avoid complications. Clever designs stylish bathroom taps that also offer handy everyday functionalities, such as the Termolimit or the EcoNature systems.


A little thought makes the difference and you will get a more fashionable, attractive and pragmatic bathroom. Use your imagination! Clever faucets are your ally in this project thanks to their multiple features. For the model range, click here.


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