5 ideas for a dazzling kitchen | Create your dream kitchen

Guide for creating your dream kitchen

Breathe new life into your dream kitchen with the decoration trends that we will propose. Discover how little details such as the faucet may completely reinvent your kitchen


Thinking of renovating your kitchen and have no clue where to start? Here are some tips to organise your ideas and get you started.

Take a look at these proposals, they will give you a hint on the latest trends and will steer you to the magazine kitchen you have been dreaming of for so long.


1. Breakfast bars

Also known as open plan kitchens, are particularly useful when limited space does not allow the kitchen to be used as a dining area. This element is not only trendy; it also comes handy when there is no room to fit a table.


2. Exposed brick

Leaving a wall of exposed brickwork is an ageless trend. To achieve this look without undertaking construction work, try going for a wallpaper mimicking the effect.

3. Back to whites

The classic white square tile has always been a key in achieving a timeless look for kitchens. Their neat lines are pleasing to the eye, and they also allow for choosing colours to decorate your kitchen more freely.


4. Living room connection

Have you thought of opening a connection from the kitchen to the living room? The feeling of spaciousness and the usual back-and-forth between the two will make the experience more pleasant, especially if eating takes place outside the kitchen.


5. Let there be light!

How joyful bright kitchens are! If your kitchen is small and cannot have large windows but your living room is luminous, kitchen pass-throughs are a great choice to gain natural light.


6.  Find the perfect faucet

The sink tap is an accessory that does not usually get all the attention it deserves. But have you ever thought how many times a day you use it? Choosing an efficient, pragmatic and reliable faucet (specially with children around) is a matter you cannot ignore. Check out Clever (LINK) and discover systems like Safety Block, EcoNature, ColdOpen and many more.


7. Choose an stylish tap

Double handle, waterfall effect, widespread, countertop… Have you considered what faucet fits your bathroom better? Visit Clever and take a look at the wide range of styles we propose. What are you waiting for to find your ideal tap?

8. Hanging lamps

They are in full swing and it is no wonder: they are stylish and give some extra light. You can use these to light up or highlight a specific spot of your kitchen, like the breakfast bar or the dining table.


9. Coffee station

A brilliant idea not only for coffee lovers, but to enjoy yummy breakfast in fact. Gather all your breakfast items in a particular place to charge batteries in the morning: mugs, cutlery, toaster, teas… and, of course, coffee and the coffee maker.


10. Decorative vinyl

Make your kitchen unique and joyful with an original vinyl. You can find them in any size, design and colour, and they could not be any easier to install.


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