Bathroom debate: bidet or shattaf

Which is better, bidet or shattaf?

Shattaf is sanitary ware that may work as toilet and bidet. No need to remove the bidet to obtain additional space.

Going without the bidet is becoming more and more popular due to limited space or lack of use. Some consider it to be outdated. But other times, this decision is only motivated by an economic reason. Instead of rushing and undertaking reforms, balance pros and cons… even different options.

For bidet’s supporters

This sanitary ware may have been essential few decades ago – it did not take much space and sectional washing was the modus operandi. Nowadays, no one conceives a house without a shower or a bathtub.

Nonetheless, many people still use it to wash their feet and households with kids are likely to use them due to a matter of height for the little ones’ daily hygiene.

Clever offers a wide variety of faucets to foster well-being in the bathroom – mono or double handle taps, with EcoNature system (water flow regulator to reduce consumption), and ColdOpen (to prevet abrupt changes in temperature, very useful for households with children).

Bidet’s detractors

If you are determined to make the most out of the available space, a shattaf is an intermediate approach – a modern toilet and a bidet combined into one single sanitary. Europe is starting to open up and having a favourable reaction to it, whereas it is widespread across Asia. It is particularly hand when it comes to the elder and those with limited mobility.


If you finally choose to completely remove it, you can always replace it with a piece of furniture to increase your storage.


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