Bathroom decoration styles for each time of the year

In this way, during the hottest months, we can create a cooler and more spacious environment. While when the cold season is approaching, the decoration of bathrooms can become warmer and cozy. Here are some proposals.

Spring baths

We already know that spring has the ability to alter us. The cold begins to dissipate and we return to enjoy landscapes full of color. The decoration of bathrooms for these months should be consistent and reflect that vital load.

The shades that prevail are the warm ones; Orange, pink or yellow tones are the most common. Being the colors that we find in nature itself, the effect is that we have brought home a piece of garden. This can be reflected both in the coverings, as in the shower curtains or in other decorative elements as we please.

For the faucet, we can choose soft and rounded shapes, such as Aude bath and shower faucets. The design of the regulator resembles that of a leaf, and with its bright chrome-plated brass finish it integrates very well with the rest of the elements.

Summer designs

Summer is probably the happiest time of the whole year. Not only does the good weather accompany us, but the holidays also come. The most popular bathroom decoration in these months are those related to the sun and the sea.

Thus, the marine style, with white, blue and red tones, and details such as shells; the Mediterranean, with lots of lighting and blue-green colors that transport us to the crystal clear waters; or a cheerful and freer style, betting for example on pink and orange.

If we have enough space, it is interesting to install a shower in an open area and thus be able to cool off when the heat is pressed. Here you can find some shower sets with varied features.

Autumns to remember

When autumn comes, the shades around us begin to change, and browns and greens are the dominant colors. Bathroom decoration for this era follows the same line; Simple designs but loaded with great intensity. The cabinets, a shelf or a wooden coat rack is enough to achieve the effect.

On the other hand, the fall of the leaves so characteristic of autumn usually transmits a certain nostalgia for the past. If we also like rustic designs, we can install two-knob retrospective faucets, such as the Antigona model.

Cozy bathrooms for winter

In winter the cold begins to tighten and in the bathroom decoration we look for a cozy aesthetic that shelters us. Bluish and gray tones are more popular in these months, and combine very well with bright and angled finishes, both for the sink and for the shower.

During this time, the water temperature also becomes very important. Therefore, it is the perfect time to change our traditional faucet for the thermostatic, and thus renew not only the decoration of bathrooms, but also get the best benefits. Thanks to it, we can regulate the temperature and flow, and both will remain constant without being affected by the opening of other faucets.

Finally, we can also opt for large shower enclosures with an enveloping effect. In addition to relaxing with the different available hydromassage options, we give a modern touch to the decoration of bathrooms. A style that combines very well with the aesthetics of this time of year.

There is a style for each person and for each time of the year. If you are interested in decorating bathrooms and are thinking of renewing the aesthetics of your home, visit our gallery and be seduced by the wide variety of designs you can find. All Clever Taps are of the highest quality and have passed strict controls.

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