Benefits of having a thermostatic shower faucet


The designs and the technological advances do not stop advancing offering us every time a faucet of better quality and benefits. One of the most popular models today is the thermostatic shower faucet, thanks to the level of comfort it presents. Do you know all their benefits? We tell you!What is a thermostatic shower faucet
There is a wide range of bathroom faucets on the market, but without a doubt, none offers the benefits of a thermostatic shower faucet. It is a structure that has two control controls, instead of the traditional handle to which we are accustomed.

Thanks to this innovative system, we can regulate both the flow of water, that is, the amount of water that we obtain through the artichoke, and the temperature of the latter, with the advantage that we can fix a certain one and the system itself will charge to keep it constant.

The operation of a thermostatic shower faucet is simple. Inside, mix cold water with hot water and regulates to offer us the one we have chosen. In general, the control of the left side is responsible for regulating the flow, so when turning it, we mark the amount of water we want to obtain.

The control on the right is for the temperature, and it is the one that incorporates a thermostat inside. In addition to this control, it has a safety cap to prevent it from rising above 38º and we can burn ourselves. In any case, it is possible to modify it if we need the water to reach a higher temperature.

In our gallery of Clever faucets it is possible to know the models that we have available, as well as the characteristics of each of them. And what benefits do they bring? Then we will delve a little deeper into it.

Benefits of a thermostatic shower faucet

Now that we know what the operation of a thermostatic shower faucet is, we can better understand all the benefits it brings.

Saving water

Nowadays, saving water is not only a relevant issue for the amount of the invoices. The situation of the planet forces us to avoid unnecessary waste, and with a thermostatic shower tap we can achieve it.

By incorporating a highly precise flow control knob, we can control the amount of water in the jet. It is possible to save between 40% and 50% of water with this system. A difference that will be noticed at the end of the month. Also, by being able to adjust the temperature from the beginning, we will not waste water waiting for it to come out hot.

We avoid burns

One of the main advantages of being able to select a temperature and incorporate a safety stop is to reduce the risk of suffering a burn. The temperature above 38º is too much for our skin, especially for those who are more sensitive, such as children and elderly people.

On the other hand, the thermostatic shower faucet is prepared to automatically shut off the flow of hot water when the cold water is cut off. This situation is what we find when someone opens a tap while we are showering. Again, it is a control system to avoid possible burns.

Greater comfort

Another benefit of a thermostatic shower faucet is the possibility of enjoying a constant temperature. When we close the tap to soap, when reopening it is common to have to re-regulate it and wait for it to go to the desired one. However, with a thermostatic system, every time the tap is opened or closed, the temperature will always remain constant.

High durability

The thermostatic shower faucet is made of the highest quality materials, so its useful life is extended over time. In addition to this feature, they are watertight. That is, they prevent lime from getting into them, which is the main cause of the deterioration of the faucets. The maintenance of the taps is, therefore, much simpler.

Modern and elegant design

In addition to the benefits it offers in regard to its operation, the thermostatic shower faucet has a state-of-the-art design. Modern and innovative, but without renouncing elegance. In short, a solution that guarantees us the greatest comfort and at the same time an aesthetic that will be perfectly integrated into our bathroom.

If you want to install a thermostatic shower faucet in your home, consult our range and be surprised by the designs and the quality of our products. And if you need more information, contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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