Chef Slim taps in kitchens all over the world

Let creativity flow and create original recipes meaning unforgettable moments thanks to Chef Slim taps.

If you want to make the most out of them, creating spaces that stimulate creative thinking is essential.

The house kitchen is the perfect place to let creativity flow, applying the knowledge necessary to create delicious and original dishes. The ideal menu for a family reunion, a lively gathering with friends, or simply for a relaxing break is created in this room.

That is why the kitchen design should be inspiring and enhance creativity, allowing the chef of the moment to find in one place all the necessary utensils to shine and make his/her dishes a memorable experience.

Creating a design with these characteristics may seem complex, but in fact it depends on the choice of the right details and accessories. If you are considering restyling your kitchen, here is how Chef Slim taps adapt to every style of kitchen:

1) Nordic

Nordic style seeks reconciliation and balance. Combining aesthetic aspects that are functional and good quality. Therefore, if you wish to apply this style you should choose furniture and accessories of simple and practical but also delicate design. It is important to pay special attention to details.

The Chef Slim tap that best suits this style is the matte white tap, which brings harmony and simplicity to any kitchen.

2) Mediterranean

Warm colours and wooden elements are predominant in the Mediterranean-style décor. Granite or marble details are also present. Therefore, both a Slim tap in chrome matte black or chrome matte white colours may be ideal to bring personality and sobriety to this style of kitchens.

3) Vintage

Vintage, retro or classic style is perfect for colourful-kitchen lovers, who are keen on recycling or simply keep a wide variety of antique elements steeped in history which they use for cooking or decorating their kitchen.

For this kind of décor, the best option is a classic-styled tap for the sink. Fortunately, Chef Slim  offers the ideal taps in its chrome lines for this type of kitchen.


The choice of tap colour or model may apparently seem insignificant, but in fact this accessory brings a specific décor style. Also, reflects the homeowner’s personality as few objects can do so. What is your choice?

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