Design trends to decorate the bathroom in black and white

Fashion is constantly evolving, and like everything else, it adapts to the new times. This season, design trends resume a classic and traditional path, which reaffirms its timelessness and its perfect integration in all spaces. The black and white tones for the bathroom return. Do you dare with them?

The evolution of design trends

Our tastes are changing, but so are design trends. These are usually adapted to our needs and also seek to offer an aesthetic that is consistent with them.

Traditionally, the bathroom has been a stay to which we went for the sole purpose of cleaning. However, over the years it has become one of the most important rooms of our house, along with the kitchen and the bedroom.

In addition to personal hygiene, the bathroom is the place we go to relax. Although bathtubs have already become obsolete, as has happened in many homes with bidets, new design trends have brought us a wide variety of shower trays that offer us all the comforts that we can imagine.

Thus, in our bathroom we have the opportunity to enjoy relaxing and enveloping showers, as if it were a spa. And also, it is a room that also serves as a dressing table, so the time we spend in it is considerably extended.

For this reason, decoration and design trends are adapted to these new functionalities. In this way, the aesthetic begins to gain strength and becomes the protagonist. Since the choice of colors, furniture and even the taps have an effect on the final result.

It is demonstrated that the tonalities affect our emotions and that they have the capacity to alter our mood. Therefore, it is convenient to choose design trends that contribute to creating that harmony and tranquility that we also need in the bathroom to be able to relax.

Let’s find out below how we can achieve this effect with the new black and white design trends.

White and black as design trends

Black is the new fashion color for 2019, and we can use it for furniture, accessories and even for the coatings themselves. While it is a personal choice how we create our space, it is always recommended not to overload the environment. The key is to use the design trends for the details.

Look for the black and white touches on the furniture

For a few years now, design trends have focused on playing with contrasts. In this way, if in our bathroom we have opted for dark tones, both in the coverings, as in the floor or in the furniture, the details in a light color like white can break the weight and bring harmony. For example, the furniture in black brings a sense of sobriety and elegance to the bathroom. But we must combine them with tiles or walls in a lighter color so as not to overload the environment. If, on the other hand, our furniture uses the traditional white, we can give a distinctive touch with the frame of the mirror or with the shelves.

Incorporates the faucet to the decoration

By normal general, when we look for the decoration of our house, we focus on the furniture and the coatings. However, as we have already said, it is the details that always make the difference.  They are able to bring personality to any space. The faucet is one of the accessories that we overlook the most. But nowadays, design trends have also evolved in this sector and it is possible to find taps that adapt to fashion. Thus, we can use the taps in black and white tones to achieve that contrast in the environment. As we said, if we have opted for dark colors, a white tap will give the bathroom elegance. If on the other hand we have chosen the simplicity and clarity provided by the white, with a black faucet, our bathroom will shine even more. A lamp or a complementary bookcase can be combined so that they have game. Here you can see our single and black washbasin mixer taps. The variety of sizes adapts to the particularities of each piece.

Design trends are a reference that can help us introduce new ideas in the home. But we are the ones who must create the desired harmony. The black and white tones are very easy to integrate in any environment. In addition, with the matt finishes of our collection, they will never go out of style. If you want to know more details, contact Clever Faucet.


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