Electronic taps you should know

The electronic taps are those capable of detecting our hands when we place them under the spout. At that moment they activate and allow the jet of water to come out. A system that allows us to save on consumption, and that can be used both in a home and in collective spaces. We tell you what types there are.

The operation of electronic taps

This automatic opening system is due to an infrared sensor that the electronic taps have incorporated. When detecting at a certain distance that the beam of light is cut, for example, when placing the hands in front, the opening of the tap takes place and the water comes out. It is also possible to activate by identifying variations in the waves of the emitted signal.

The power so they can work is usually based on alkaline batteries that carries the factory circuit or current. Although it is normal to use four, some models use a single battery.

The main advantage offered by electronic taps is the saving in consumption, since it is avoided that they remain open due to forgetfulness or that water is wasted while doing another activity such as lathering. In addition, they are more hygienic to not have to contact them to work.

Another advantage is that they usually include a safety lock that prevents the involuntary passage of hot water, when there is the possibility of changing the temperature. They are available in the market for both sink and sink, bidet and shower. However, electronic lavatory faucets are the most common.

Traditionally, electronic taps have been used in crowded bathrooms. That is, those that are used by a large number of people and continuously. For example, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and a long, etcetera. However, at present its installation starts to be popular in homes, because it is quite simple.

Types of electronic taps

As with traditional taps, electronic taps come in different varieties. In general terms, we can distinguish between three main types: the standard ones, which are the ones that are used the most, those that incorporate a temperature regulator and those with a high spout.

Standard electronic taps

The standard electronic faucet is one that resembles the traditional but with the difference that it has the built-in sensor. Within this type is where we find the greatest variety, not only in the designs but in the extras that they can bring.

Clever faucets are available in two models within the range Electronics. First, the Elegance model presents an innovative design that stands out for the combination of styles. With rounded areas that remind those of the traditional taps, but that breaks with them when presenting a flat pipe in the upper part. It gives a much more modern and elegant image that adapts to any bathroom.The electronic taps include an anti-vandal aerator that requires a special tool for disassembly. The aerator is also adjustable and allows directing the water jet to the desired position, achieving greater comfort. In addition, a reduction in water flow to 7 liters per minute is obtained, which implies considerable savings.

As regards the sensor of these electronic taps, it is activated at a distance of 15 cm and water remains for 55 seconds, at which time the water outlet is interrupted. With anti-vandalism protection, it avoids the repetition of cycles and any attempt to be disassembled.

Hygienic and practical, it is perfect both for use in homes and in common areas. Made of brass European brass EN 12.164, it presents a high quality chrome finish that guarantees the resistance to use and accentuates its beauty. Like other Clever Faucet products, it offers a 2 year warranty.

The Platinum model is a modern and singular bet. Its design is very striking for its angular lines and the rectangular and inclined shape of its pipe. Thanks to this inclination, maximum comfort is guaranteed in the exit of the water in the form of a waterfall. The flush aerator allows a reduction in water flow to 7 liters per minute, which implies considerable savings.

Its electronic and anti-vandalism sensor is also activated at a distance of 15 cm with the detection of the hands and the jet is maintained until 55 seconds. The aerator is also equipped with an anti-vandal system that prevents attempts to be disassembled.

This type of design is adapted to the most demanding needs and guarantees maximum hygiene and comfort at all times. Due to its compact dimensions of 125 * 142 mm already installed, it adapts without problems to any size of washbasin, both in private and those in collective areas.

The Platinum model also offers a 2-year warranty. Made of European brass EN 12.164, it achieves a high quality chrome finish that enhances the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene and guarantees resistance to use. Its original design integrates very well in modern and exclusive bathrooms.

Electronic taps with temperature regulator

This range of electronic taps has the same characteristics as the standard ones. The difference lies in that, while the former only offer the possibility of regulating the temperature from the valve to which they are connected, this type also have a small handle that allows to increase or decrease the water graduation. Although it can be an advantage in some cases, they also reduce hygiene when coming into contact with the taps.

High spout electronic faucets

Third, we can find electronic taps with the same characteristics as the previous two, but with a larger pipe. They are suitable for those sinks or kitchen sinks when a greater distance is needed for the water outlet.

All Clever faucet products are of the highest quality and are subject to exhaustive controls. If you need more information about our new line of electronic taps, do not hesitate to contact us.

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