Five tips to clean chrome faucets you didn’t know

Wherever the water circulates, it leaves signs of its passage over time. In the case of faucets, whether they are from the kitchen or the bathroom, we begin to see traces of drops and stains as a result of lime. Although its appearance is inevitable, it is possible to get rid of it. We leave you some tips to clean chrome faucets and they always look like the first day.

Chromium maintenance in a tap

The chrome faucets are characterized by their brightness and impeccable appearance. A detail difficult to maintain if the appropriate measures are not taken at the right time. This maintenance must also be carried out on a regular basis, to avoid deterioration and cleaning later.

Although the high quality faucet has a greater resistance and takes longer to degrade, it also requires some habits for its conservation. Keep in mind that caring for and cleaning chrome faucets is a way to extend their life.

How to clean chrome faucets

Since it is a delicate material, it is important to follow these directions and not experiment. If we clean or burn your surface when cleaning chrome faucets, the problem may not be repaired.

Avoid aggressive chemicals

Some acids, such as bleach or salfumán, and those that contain caustic soda or ammonia can affect chromium plating. Therefore, before using them, we must check the labels to ensure that they do not contain any of these components. Also, ketones and alcohols also damage the surface and should not be used to clean chrome faucets.

Use soft cloths

To remove dirt or embedded lime, the solution is not always scratch with scourers or any other abrasive element. On the contrary, it is a practice that is counterproductive and that we must avoid at all costs.

The most suitable for cleaning chrome faucets are soft cloths or sponges. Combined with a neutral soap, the asepsis they provide is more effective and less corrosive than with other choices.

Clean regularly

As we have said, the existence of lime is inevitable, since it is found in the water itself. To prevent its formation, the ideal is to clean the chrome faucets regularly. When water stays on surfaces, it can lead to moisture and fungus.

The solution that exists is to dry the faucet once we have finished using it. With a soft cloth that is clean, we will cover the entire surface of the tap to remove any remaining water. In this way, we are prolonging its conservation over time.

Search for natural products

The best way to clean chrome faucets is to use products that are natural or as close as possible. Since it is a very delicate material that does not respond well to aggressive agents, we must take care of it and look for options that are effective but not harmful.

One of the most effective combinations for cleaning chrome faucets is bicarbonate mixed with vinegar. Natural remedies are very simple to prepare, but they give very good results. And most importantly, they don’t spoil the surfaces.

Baking soda is characterized by being a very mild abrasive that can be used on any material. In addition to dirt, it eliminates bacteria and is not toxic. We will impregnate a sponge in it and pass it through the entire surface of the faucet, and remove all the excess.

Then we will take the vinegar and pour it through those less accessible parts and with more embedded dirt. We can let it act without risk for hours, and even overnight if we consider it necessary. After all this time, with a small brush, such as teeth, we will rub to remove any remains that may have remained. Finally, we will rinse and dry with a dry cloth.

Choose quality products

Cleaning products can work to clean chrome faucets, but they are not infallible, especially when the faucet is not good. Therefore, and to avoid unnecessary battles, it is preferable to invest a little more and have parts with high quality materials that give us some guarantee.

In Grifería Clever we are experts in bathroom and kitchen faucets that have passed strict controls, and therefore guarantee the quality of the product. Although cleaning chrome faucets is a task that we cannot avoid, the care will always be less. Visit our gallery and get in touch with us.


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