Five tricks for reducing water consumption in taps

The reduction of water consumption is an aspect that worries many people for the simple reason that it also means a lower amount in bills. However, the situation of the planet with respect to climate change leads us to have to find solutions that help conserve natural resources. We leave you several tricks to reduce the cost of water with the taps.The importance of reducing water consumption.

The sink, the shower and the sink are the elements of the house that represent 55% of the total water consumption. This means that it is through them that we can significantly reduce spending at home.According to official statistics, the average household consumption in Spain is approximately 132 liters of water per person per day. To enter into figures of efficient consumption, it should be reduced to a margin between 90 and 100 liters. Reaching these figures is simpler than it seems, especially if we use the right taps. Here are some tips for reducing water consumption thanks to your taps.

Install thermostatic faucets

The thermostatic faucets are an excellent option to enhance the reduction of water consumption. Although they have a design very different from the traditional ones that we have been using, they are not chosen for aesthetic reasons. They are becoming more popular because they suppose a great saving of water and energy.
These taps consist of two controls; one is responsible for regulating the flow of water and the other of the temperature. Its main advantage is that we can program a specific temperature and thus keep it stable. In the case of variations in the water supply, the system is adjusted only to re-stabilize the graduation. In this way, we encourage the reduction of water consumption by not losing time trying to regulate it again.
Regarding the water flow, the thermostatic faucets have a maximum stop incorporated. When we have this activated, we get half or a third of the total amount that can come out, so it works very well for reducing water consumption.

Install faucets with the EcoNature system

The EcoNature system of the Clever faucet is specifically designed to reduce water consumption. Thanks to this, the opening of the control that controls the water only allows the exit of 50% of the total, which represents an important saving. This supply will be sufficient for the daily use of the tap. If we want to obtain the total of the flow, it will be enough to raise the lever until it stops.

Choose aerators that reduce the flow

In addition to specific faucets for reducing water consumption, it is also possible to choose an aerator with the same objective. Clever faucets have different aerators that allow us to choose the air and water mixture that we need without a flow limiter.
Depending on this, we will choose that aerator that best serves us for this purpose. We find five different types that relate the pressure to the flow (bars and l / m). As for its characteristics, the aerator can be male, female, with rectangular shape or the narrowest and adjustable.

Waterfall faucets

The waterfall taps, available in Clever faucets, are another option we have in the facilities that help us reduce water consumption. The water coming out of these taps, being more leisurely and with a wider path, means that the quantity of the flow can be reduced, without having to renounce comfort.
Generally, with traditional faucets we use more water than we need. Therefore, when installing taps that pursue the reduction of water consumption we are not interfering with the quality that the system offers, but we will be greatly reducing the expense and, consequently, the amount of the invoices.

Close them when you’re not using them

Although this trick applies to any type of tap, except those that are automatic, it is probably the most important point. More often than we should, we let the water run while we lather the dishes or brush our teeth. That simple action supposes an increase of the considerable expense, and it does not make sense since we are not using it.
In this way, to enhance the reduction of water consumption, we must close the tap every time we have finished using the water. Even if it’s only a matter of seconds, the total sum does make a big difference.

If you are concerned about the reduction of water consumption, contact Clever Faucets and we will advise you on the best options available for your home.

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