Four tips to choose the perfect tap for your kitchen

Choosing the perfect tap for the kitchen does not have to be a complex task if we know what we must keep in mind before making our purchase. In this way, we will not find afterwards surprises like a size that does not fit or lacks in terms of its functionality. Here are some simple tips to follow.

Tricks to choose the perfect tap

Although choosing the taps for a kitchen may seem to consist only of buying a piece and installing it, not all of them offer us the same features or adapt to any sink. Therefore, we must dedicate a little time to choose the perfect tap for the kitchen.
In addition, we should not only pay attention to its operation, but also to aesthetics and quality. In a kitchen, the taps are usually used at least fifteen times a day, so it is important that they can respond to these demands. With regard to design, it is a key element to give a distinctive touch to the room.
Then, we will know some tricks to choose the perfect tap.

Take measures

Maybe you never noticed, but there are different sizes of faucets and sinks. And what happens if we buy one too big or too small? In the event that the faucet is much larger than the sink, it is likely that we will splash too much. If the opposite situation occurs, we would be wasting the space offered by a large sink.
Based on this, to choose the perfect tap just adapt its size to the sink. For those of greater size, we can opt for the taps of high and removable spout. The latter is perfect for maneuvering or filling large containers such as pots or pails.

Compare existing models

As we mentioned before, not all taps offer the same. Therefore, to choose the perfect tap we must ask ourselves what exactly we expect from it. Thus, we can distinguish between single-lever, bimand, drop-down and extractable faucets.
The single-lever taps are the most comfortable to use, since with a single control we can regulate the temperature and the water flow. The Clever faucet has two very effective systems for this, providing all the comfort and saving on consumption at the same time.
These are the EcoNature and ColdOpen technologies, which reduce the jet by 50% in the standard position and do not use hot water. With the return to operate the handle we obtain it, as well as the complete flow.
The bimando are those that have two controls. Because they are not very practical, they respond rather to aesthetic questions. In third place we find the folding faucets, which are those that can be tilted forward or sideways. If we have a window right above the sink, that model is ideal to choose the perfect tap.
The fourth possibility to choose the perfect tap are the removable ones. If your sink is two breasts or large, you can opt for this option and get the maximum mobility. In Clever Faucets you will find a wide variety of kitchen models of all types.

Analyze the aesthetics of your kitchen

If you do not pay too much attention to the characteristics of each design, you should know that there are models with modern aesthetics, while others imitate those that were used before. Finally, we can find other models that are simpler and timeless, but that will not stand out in the room. There are also different materials for the finishes.
In your home, we recommend that you analyze the aesthetics of your kitchen and thus be able to choose the perfect tap that is integrated into it. The ideal is to find a combination that pleases us between design and functionality.

Pay attention to functionality

Due to the environmental problem we have today, technology is increasingly committed to savings. Clever faucets, as we mentioned in the types of faucets, has two technologies designed for this. To choose the perfect tap, it is convenient to have these points in mind.
The EcoNature system allows the amount of water that comes out in the jet to be reduced, but without affecting comfort. That is, we will not notice the difference. If we want to obtain 100% water, we will activate the handle to the top top. With this simple detail, we can save a large amount of water. An important point when choosing the perfect tap for your kitchen.
On the other hand, the ColdOpen system ensures that the hot water is not activated unless we wish to do so. Most faucets activate it when the lever is in the central position. However, with this technology, we must move it to the left so that hot water comes out. It is another very effective way to save on bills.

In Clever Faucets we have at your disposal a wide variety of models of the highest quality and with the best designs to choose the perfect tap. Check our website and contact us if you have any questions.

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