How do thermostatic faucets work and why choosing them?

Thermostatic fittings are booming and are one of the smart housing items

They are the best choice with regards to safety for your beloved ones.

Thermostatic faucets are nothing but the solution to all daily hygiene problems. They allow water flow and temperature to be controlled separately and through a great variety of filters, heads and technologies. Clever thermostatic faucets are designed to create a unique atmosphere. If you are looking for thermostatic fittings for your shower or bathtub, you have come to the right place.


Result of research

They are not a still-young technology, although its use has become widespread recently due to significant advantages over any other tap in the market. Unnecessary energy waste and the relation between flow/temperature + pressure are over. These faucets require On-Off fixings to be solid and sturdy. Thermostatic faucets generally include a temperature regulator. Clever fittings have the Safety Block system to adjust temperature to 38º in the middle position, only allowing to reach higher temperatures by pressing the security button and avoid burns.


Features and efficiency

Thermostatic fittings come with all the accessorize that used to come with showerheads. Have now better designs and new features covering energy efficiency and home safety.

Using thermostatic faucets with efficient heads or swivel spouts improves the showering experience. These features avoid abrupt changes in temperature and is ideal for child safety.


Why choosing them?

If you are considering refurbishing your bathroom or shower, you must have thought of them. They are an excellent choice for several reasons: comfort, savings, safety and reliability. Not all showers need a thermostatic valve. But they are a must-have in main bathrooms.

As far as possible, installing this system is recommended as part of a thorough reform. Thermostatic fittings work through a complex system of pressure and temperature that communicated through valves, thus reducing consumption. Highly recommended for network facilities, where pressure may fluctuate between 1-10 bar. The ideal pressure to install these fittings are 3-5 bar.


Clever thermostatic fittings stand out due to their design, reliability and safety. They are the result of years of research and being aware of clients’ needs. Most of our thermostatic sets, such as the circular box thermostatic extensible shower model, include two water outlets to incorporate a shower hose, hydromassage jet or any other shower accessory.


Thermostatic fittings are booming and Clever offers strong and sturdy parts as well as striking designs in all our products.


Learn how to change the cartridge of a thermostatic shower. If you follow these recommendations about changing the cartridge of your thermostatic shower will be easy peasy.

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