How does hard water affect our body and appilances?

Hard water is a big enemy of healthy skin

It may also cause early damage to your household appliances

Hard water – i.e., that has high mineral content – may be a health hazard. A water quality test is one of many things you can do to find out what kind of water comes out of your tap. For example, if your skin is itchy after showering, your water may contain higher than normal levels of dissolved minerals and causes irritation and dryness. In fact, there is a direct relationship between hard water and certain skin problems, such as eczema or onset of atopic dermatitis. Although main symptoms are red, itchy skin, brownish-gray patches may also appear on hands, feet, ankles, inside the bend of the elbows and knees, and scratching only makes this condition worse.


Limescale may build up not only in showers, washbasins, taps and sinks, but also in pipes and appliances. This can make water flow pressure decrease, causing blockages, and early wear and deficiencies in household appliances.


Clever can provide the solution. Clever incorporates the Komeo system, a revolutionary system of COMAP – who has been delivering the highest quality water during the last 30 years. The Komeo system traps sediments and particles floating in the water, and protects appliances from limescale. It also spots leaks and excessive pressure, cuts off supply if necessary, neutralises bacteria, viruses, mould and fermentation, and prevents the development of legionella in water networks. Besides, it eliminates the unpleasant chlorine smell.


A system that not only adapts to Clever fittings for washbasins, shower, and kitchen, but also provides high-quality water.


Avoid compromising your health, and that of your domestic appliances. A small gesture may let you move away from hard water problems. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology offered by Clever.

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