How to change the cartridge of a thermostatic shower

Follow these recommendations and changing the cartridge of your thermostatic shower will be easy peasy.

Make some tests before changing the cartridge in case the cartridge is not the problem. Let’s learn how to change the cartridge of a thermostatic shower.

It is a common issue across thermostatic shower users that, after a while enjoying all the wonders of a thermostatic shower fully, they perceive how its performance worsens. Clever recommends always buying certified thermostatic faucets and with factory warranty. However, if you can relate to this concern, learn now how to change the cartridge of a thermostatic shower or bathtub, here  you will save yourself some time time and money .


Some suggestions before changing the thermostatic cartridge

Sometimes it is a matter of domestic maintenance. But if your thermostatic tap worked perfectly and it suddenly does not heat water it used to, here are some ideas that may help:

  • Check the pressure of hot water while in the cold position
  • If all the faucets with hot water present lower pressure, it may be a general problem and not caused by a particular tap
  • If the handle does not move or is stuck, it may be caused by limescale and can be fixed by disassembling the cartridge.


Find below detailed step-by-step instructions to change the thermostatic cartridge:


  1. Disassemble the part. Clever thermostatic taps can be mounted by amateur DIYers. The cartridge is built as a single part that can be disassembled by loosening the screws under the right handle.
  2. The cap. Thermostatic taps come with a black cap that hides the thermostat. To find it, remove the trim and unscrew the back.
  3. Once the trim is removed, we will have access to the black cap. Remove the protective black plastic washer by pressing on the handle.
  4. When disassembled for its cleaning or removal, follow the process in reverse order for reassembling.
  5. Screw the thermostatic cartridge back onto the faucet without the trim.
  6. Adjust the pressure by aligning the two white lines in each spring (Watch Video).
  7. Cover the cartridge with the rest of the part and hold it while the base rejoins.
  8. Screw the cover with the bolt.
  9. Cover the tap handle with the trim
  10. Check the water flows correctly and ready to go.


As you can see, changing the cartridge of your thermostatic shower is easier than it seems. You only need a few tools and the new cartridge.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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