How to contribute to save water?

Technologies and new materials help to achieve a more sustainable home

An open kitchen faucet consumes between 6 and 10 liters per minute

According to the latest statistics, swamps and dams in Spain are at 37% of their capacity, 10% less than last year. As rains are slow in coming, some towns have taken restrictive actions. Every person consumes a daily average of 300 litres of water, either to drink, do the laundry or take a shower. If we are to continue enjoying this resource, we need to optimise its use and not waste it.


If you are looking for ideas on how to save water, this article is for you.


Saving water in the kitchen

The issue with kitchen taps is the fixed rate of water flow despite the variety of purposes that they are used for. An open kitchen tap means 6 to 10 litres of water consumed per minute, while most of it goes down the drain. Clever has developed different technologies, such as EcoNature cartridges, that enable flow setting to be adjusted as needed for each intended use, leading to saving up to 50% of the water consumption – ideal for washing fruits and vegetables without water wastage. Likewise, double spout faucets are optimal for filling glasses and containers using less pressure and without activating the main tap.


When doing the washing-up, you may save up to 115 litres at a time just by using one basin to scrub and another one to rinse. Swivel spout faucets are perfect for double-basin sinks and hassle-free manoeuvring. Last but not least, it is advisable to avoid using water to thaw products, remove them from the freezer the previous day instead.


Saving water in the bathroom

Breaking down the idea that the toilet is a bin is one of the main way to save water in the bathroom. Improper disposal in the toilet leads to water wastage of up to 55 litres per day and blockage of domestic water pipes.

Consumption peaks as well during showers – we recommend using the shower caps that mix water with air, achieving the same effect with lower consumption. Besides, flow rate can be adjusted with swivel spouts faucets to avoid water wastage – suitable for bidets and sink faucets.


Better safe than sorry

Water wastage due to leaks, drips or faulty spouts are an epidemic. A dripping faucet can lose up to 30 litres a day, and not fixing it damages its structure and facilitates damp. Periodic renewal (every five years) of tap equipment is a safe bet to reduce water wastage. From Clever, we recommend using high-quality sets of taps, with all guarantees of resistance, such as ceramic with aluminum oxide included in all our washbasin taps.


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