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The iKansas home system is a simple wall installation that is presented as an alternative to recessed step valves. Adaptable to any room through which pipes circulate, it allows easy access and control of valves without works. We tell you all its features and the advantages of installing it.

What is the iKansas system?

The installation of the iKansas boxes are an alternative to the traditional valve installations that we see in homes. To be able to place this system, it is necessary to break the wall to insert them inside. Although it is not a work of extreme complexity, it does cause damage to the structure itself, in addition to affecting the aesthetics of the room.

This new domestic system takes into account the needs of any home. These are not only functionality, but also they must meet a certain aesthetic, and be integrated with the rest of facilities and furniture.

The iKansas system includes the placement of the box, the frame, the steering wheels and the outer cover, which can be white or silver. In this way, it is installed with the utmost discretion and goes unnoticed as the switches in a room do.

What are the characteristics of the kit?

As we have already mentioned, the iKansas kit is an installation of the valves that connect with the pipes through which the sanitary water circulates. The difference that this system offers, and that corresponds to its main advantage, is that it is not necessary to break the wall. We save time and money and maintain a pleasant aesthetic.

This domestic valve system is based on the use of two frames. One of them is connected to the hot water pipe and the other to the cold water pipe. The closing of the valves is traditional, so you only have to make a 90º turn. For the outputs, four are used with a 3/4 “Eurocone thread.

It is a system with minimum dimensions, with a box of 70 mm that can be installed in all types of plaster structures or walls. In addition, it complies with all regulations UNE 7129-1;, applicable to this type of facility.

The maximum temperature they can withstand is 90º, so they are perfectly compatible for the use that they want to give them. On the other hand, the installation of the iKansas system is extremely simple, and it is possible to place it in a place that is accessible to us. So in addition to the ease, we gain in comfort.

Finally, the external cover that hides the installation of the iKansas home system is available in two different tonalities. These are white and gray, and we can choose the one that best suits our demands to keep the aesthetics of the bathroom or room in question in balance.

Advantages of installing this system

Needless to say, the iKansas home system offers us a series of weight advantages over traditional valve systems. As we have already said, until today these were done by breaking part of the wall so that we could place them. This was a more expensive job, more difficult and with a longer time to complete. However, this new patented solution gives us the opportunity to dispense with all the inconveniences that those installations entailed.

In summary, ease of placement is one of the main advantages offered by the iKansas system. In addition, they are extremely compact, so they occupy very little space and are discreet. Although it is a new system, it is very safe, since it is not even necessary to touch the structure of pipes that run through the interior of the wall.

Another of its advantages is that it is fully compatible with a wide variety of pipes. The most common are copper, multilayer, PEX or PB. The included compression fittings allow for compatibility, so there is no need to purchase extra parts or replace the pipes.

In short, if what we are looking for is to replace our valves of the valves for a much more aesthetic, simple and respectful with the structure of the house, the iKansas kit is the perfect solution. Well, it fulfills perfectly with all these requirements.

If you need more information about iKansas or the operation of this kit, you can get in touch with Clever Faucets and we will answer your questions with the greatest possible commitment.

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