Six benefits of built-in faucets compared to conventional ones

Built-in faucets are presented as a current and innovative option compared to conventional installation. However, it is not a new idea, since it is inspired by the old classical sources. A minimalist design that offers many advantages.
Do you know them?

How recessed faucets are installed

Before starting to talk about the advantages that built-in faucets offer us, it is essential to first know how they work and their installation. As the name implies, they are placed on the wall, and although we usually have the idea that they are quite complex, the truth is that all we need is a pipe in the wall to connect the tap.

Currently, they are becoming very popular. Its minimalist aesthetics and simplicity offer multiple advantages over traditional ones. And also, they bring an innovative touch to this room.

Without further delay, we will know then what are the benefits that built-in faucets offer us with respect to conventional faucet parts. In this way, we can decide if we opt for them or if we continue to use the traditional ones.

Advantages of built-in faucets

Although as with everything, built-in faucets also have some drawback, the truth is that their advantages have much more weight. Then we leave them for you to value for yourself.

Greater amplitude in the stay

The main advantage offered by built-in faucets is that when placed on a wall, they do not take up space. In this way, the sink or sink is completely released. For this reason, the parts that are usually used are those that do not have a shelf, but are installed on a shelf or countertop that fulfills this function.

In addition, they are a perfect choice for those bathrooms or kitchens that do not have too much space. Using verticality is the solution to take advantage of available space without reducing mobility inside.

More space under the tap

Built-in faucets are quite popular in bathrooms that pursue a minimalist aesthetic, but elegant and striking at the same time. However, they can also be installed in a kitchen, where the space under the tap allows you to perform different tasks with greater comfort. Thus, for example, we can scrub or fill large objects, such as buckets or some cauldrons.

Very current style

If we are looking for a modern aesthetic, the built-in faucets meet all the requirements. Since the minimalist has become fashionable, the simplicity of this faucet offers that simple style but full of personality. A detail capable of completely transforming the room in which it is located.

Easy cleaning

The care and cleaning of traditional faucets has several drawbacks. However, this complexity disappears in built-in faucets, since there are no hard-to-reach areas. In the shelf installations, there is a reduced space between the piece and the wall, which prevents a complete cleaning. Over time, lime and dirt can accumulate, affecting the color and overall appearance of the faucet and sink.

Being placed high and as protrusions of a wall, access to built-in faucets is much more comfortable. In this way, we will achieve a comprehensive and uncomplicated cleaning of any kind.

Flexibility in the choice of furniture

When we opt for traditional faucets, we must take into account the size, shape or model itself to adjust to the dimensions and aesthetics. On the contrary, with the built-in faucets this problem disappears. With the sink or countertop completely clear, the freedom to choose a design is absolute.

One aspect that we must take into account, both in traditional faucets and in built-in faucets, is the height. In that, we must choose a size of the pipe that fits the depth of the sink, to avoid possible splashes. In the case of the latter, attention must be paid to the height at which we place them. If this is excessive, the water will splash in excess when falling, with the consequent discomfort.

Different systems available

The built-in faucets feature retro aesthetics, such as the Antigona bimando model and contemporary ones, as is the case with the Paula single lever model, with cascading down. Whatever your design, we offer different systems that make it not only about models of great beauty, but also with high functionality. Air diffusers that reduce the flow, cascading pipes and anti-splash systems are some of the benefits they can offer us.

If you still have doubts about the built-in faucets, visit our gallery and fall in love with the available designs. With a five year warranty, we always bet on the highest quality.


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