Taps next to windows? Foldable tap is the answer

Its folding feature will allow you to install it in unsuspected places

Discover Caiman Urban foldable tap and its interesting functionalities

Choosing the right tap model for your kitchen is now far easier. Limited space when furnishing your kitchen may lead you to feel limited to buying a small tap for your sink so that it does not get on the way of opening windows or cupboards. Among other features, Clever’s foldable tap ‘Caiman Urban’ erases that headache.


This kitchen tap has a long, slender spout that improves the space use it takes. This spout can be fixed or moved with a gentle touch to make the most of space available. Repositioning it is equally easy and it can be fixed at different places. You will choose what position fits your needs best.


Freedom of movement that this model allows not only exploits space fully, it also eases cleaning. Change positions instantly to better reach difficult spots.

There are different options for Clever’s Caiman Urban model – the original one  if you prefer more elegant and curvy shapes, or the Ec3 for more straight, modern and vanguardist lines. Nonetheless, both share excellent functionalities:


  1. ColdOpen system

Accidental scalding can be avoided with the Cold Open system. It has been designed to Access hot wáter only when positioning the handle on the left. The central position only brings cold wáter, meaning additional energy savings.

          2. Superfix system

This systems avoids vibration and any potential disturbing movement of the faucet. Its rigid base offers greater stability than many other faucets.


Clever’s Caiman Urban tap is doubtlessly perfect for your kitchen. Modern, technological and very functional. What is your model choice?

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