The best bathtub faucets that combine with your bathtub with legs

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house in which we seek to relax. Although it is not the ideal place for rest, as in the case of the bedroom, it also allows us to reduce stress with a shower or a relaxing bath. If you have a bathtub with legs at home or are thinking of installing one, we present the faucets that combine perfectly with it.

How to choose the right tap for the bathtub with legs

When deciding on the appropriate faucet for our bathtub with legs, we must pay attention to both the aesthetics and the functionality of the piece. Nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology, it is possible to find elegant and full of personality designs. But they also offer the best benefits.

If our bathroom has a rather classic aesthetic, the faucet must follow a style that goes within the same line. Therefore, rounded shapes are those that combine best. Since it is the curved lines that have traditionally been used over the years, they maintain that essence of another era.

However, if we want to transport ourselves decades ago, two-handle faucets achieve that rustic aesthetic, and also combine perfectly with a bathtub with legs. With regard to finishes, chrome, copper or gold are appropriate.

If on the contrary our bathroom has a modern aesthetic and the bathtub with legs is integrated in that style, we can bet on a tap with current designs. Straight and angled lines reflect modernity, and it is possible to find a very wide range of varied designs. As for the finishes, bright chrome is the most popular, but it is also possible to bet on other options.

This type of modern faucet that we can install in our bathtub with legs offers us today features such as temperature and flow control. In this way, the water will have the same degrees in all areas of the bathtub and we can fill it faster.

The best faucets for a bathtub with legs

The possibilities we have for a bathtub with legs are diverse. Everything will depend on the installation of this and the visual effect we want to achieve. As regards the installation of the faucet, two water outlets are usually incorporated.

One of them is the traditional one, which allows you to fill the bathtub with legs with comfort, and another in which the hose that is attached to the shower head is connected, and that uses a universal thread G ½.

Built-in floor taps

The faucet piece can be installed directly on the floor, like this design from the Ventu collection. With it, we can enjoy the entire space of the bathtub with legs, having a height between the handle and the floor of 730 cm. A modern aesthetic with flat faces and extreme angles, and a chrome finish with mirror effect.

It is a very efficient choice, since it uses an UltraSlim filter that gives volume to the flow rate and the adjustable filter allows the pressure to be directed. In addition to versatile, it also incorporates a flexible cable and a telephone. One of the advantages of this system is that we must not do works on the wall, so we give a greater sense of spaciousness to the room and prominence to the bathtub with legs.

Recessed wall taps

The second option for the faucet of a bathtub with legs is the one installed on the wall. This is the most common, since it is the one that has been used traditionally over the years. As we said, we have two options when choosing the taps: the classic and the modern.

If we want to bet on classic pieces for our bathtub with legs, the Aude collection responds perfectly to this description. With elegant voluptuous lines, it combines aesthetics with the most current features for household faucets. EcoNature technology to regulate the flow, Termolimit ring to limit hot water, and the ColdTouch system that balances the temperature to avoid burns.

And if we prefer modern designs for the bathtub with legs, the Ventu mixer tap has a unique feature. Its flow inverter is invisible and to operate it, you just have to move the flexible vertically above the head. In addition, thanks to the shape of its aerator we achieve a waterfall effect that completes the experience in our bathtub with legs.

If you want to know more models to combine with your bathtub with legs, you can consult our collection. In Grifería Clever we always bet on the highest quality.


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