The faucets that best dress up your kitchen

Choose the one that fits your needs best – style and functionalities wise.


Clever offers the possibility to install osmosis taps. Beat that, bottled water!

Taps and sinks play a key role in the family hygiene – not only are they meant for cleaning kitchen utensils, but also to clean foods before consuming or cooking them. Thus, choosing the best kitchen tap not only depends on the available space or the kitchen design. Clever offers options according to your functional needs or design preferences.


If yours is a compact kitchen, swivel spout faucets will provide greater comfort and enhance usability, freeing up more space in the basin. Elegant and broadly used in modern kitchens. Particularly handy for sinks near an inward opening window.


If your sink is spacious, pull-out spouts are best for wider movement and reach. The special feature of this particular spout allows for the tap to restore to its original position. Convenient for filling containers and rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher while avoiding splashes.


Pedal-controlled faucets, widely used in restaurant kitchens, are a great choice to save water and for the little ones as it limits its use to the strict minimum.


The currently most demanded kitchen faucets are those with high spouts as they suit any kitchen, disregarding the user’s specific circumstances. They are similar to the swivel taps as they may rotate in any direction.


Clever offers the possibility of installing osmosis taps, which blend filtered and tap water. A simple way to enjoy purified water while avoiding paying for bottled water or getting the sink pierced.


Moreover, Clever has created three different collections of faucets for you to choose which fits your lifestyle best.


  • The Xtreme fittings are for the free-spirited, conferring unconventional and avant-garde shapes on your kitchen.
  • For the less disruptive ones looking for timeless and sleek designs, the Elegance collection uses sets with a formal and simple design for a more sophisticated style.
  • The Urban line is devoted to the ‘Cosmopolitans’ – fittings with pure lines and urban, informal appearance.

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