Thermostatic showers | What are its advantages?

The taps for the home have evolved by leaps and bounds during the last years, and it has considerably expanded the offer of taps available. In addition to better finishes and more attractive designs, functionality and savings are other characteristics most in demand. The thermostatic showers perfectly meet all these requirements. If you do not know what they are, here we tell you all their advantages.

What are thermostatic showers?

The thermostatic showers consist of a unique structure that has two integrated controls. As a general rule, the control on the left is responsible for controlling the flow of water, while the control on the right is the one that regulates the temperature.

Unlike traditional single-lever showers, thermostatic showers allow a constant flow of water as well as the temperature of the shower. In addition, nowadays we can find them available both for bathtubs and for the increasingly common shower trays.

And how do we notice this difference between both types of faucets when we are in the shower? An example is always much more graphic. If we live with our partner, our family or with roommates, it is likely that you have agreed when using the taps in the house. When we are in the shower making use of hot water and someone opens another tap to, for example, wash the dishes, we will notice how the temperature drops drastically. Do you find it familiar?
Once the tap closes again, the temperature does not return to the initial one, but now a very hot stream of water comes out through the shower, burning us. This situation can pose a risk when dealing with children or elderly people. So the thermostatic showers offer us not only comfort, but also greater security.

How do these types of showers work?

The operation of the thermostatic showers is very simple and intuitive. As we have said, they have two different controls; one for the flow and one for the temperature. To adjust them, we will only have to rotate them, according to the modality, until we place them in the parameters that we want.

While we do not alter the selected position, both the amount of water that comes out of the tap and the temperature of the tap will remain constant. In other words, they will not be affected by the opening of any other tap in the house.

With thermostatic showers, taking a bath becomes a pleasant experience without interruptions. The advances of technology at our service to offer us the best benefits.

Advantages of thermostatic showers

Although we have already mentioned some of the advantages of thermostatic showers, we will know below what are all its benefits:
Saving water

The thermostatic showers allow us to reduce water consumption by being able to regulate the flow rate with one of the controls. In addition, it is not necessary to wait for the water to warm up as with the traditional faucet; just select a temperature and open the tap. Although it depends on the model of taps, the estimated saving is usually around 40%.

Double safety stop

The range of Clever faucets for thermostatic showers includes a double safety stop that avoids unintentional selections. Thanks to this device temperatures above 38º are blocked. To obtain them you have to press a button.

On the other hand, the smallest of the house will not run the risk of burning if the opening of another tap or if by some circumstance the supply of cold water is interrupted.

Thermal insulation

The faucets that include an On-Off mount have a 90º turn with two indesgastable ceramic discs. Thanks to its thermal insulation, the heat action is reduced and burns are avoided when we operate the knob.

Anti-scald controls

In addition to the anti-scald protection systems mentioned above, the thermostatic showers also have a mechanism called Cold Touch. This prevents the body of the faucet from getting hot and burning when touched.

Easy maintenance

This type of faucet is watertight and prevents the lime from penetrating inside. Thus, we avoid the premature deterioration of the pieces. Also, due to the ceramic discs that we mentioned, there is a greater resistance to wear. The thermostatic faucets for shower of Clever Faucets also have a 5 year warranty.

Greater comfort

Last but not least, thermostatic showers offer the greatest possible comfort when showering. The constant flow with blocking of temperature variations allows us to enjoy without interruptions.

You can check the collection of faucets for thermostatic showers in the Clever faucet gallery. Within each model you will find detailed information. And if you have any doubts, you can contact us.


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