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Although the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, the time we spend in the shower is not too much. However, it is one of the moments we use to clear ourselves or also to relax. Therefore, we bring you three luxury showers that will transform your life.

What are luxury showers

When we think of luxury showers, it is likely that very spacious dishes with elegant ceiling coverings and large glazed screens come to mind. Although this description fits perfectly in some bathrooms, it is more likely that this room is medium in size and looks more like a home than a hotel.

However, it is the details that make the difference, and it is now possible to install luxury showers at home without having to do a complete overhaul. At present, we can find in the market different styles of faucets that will allow us to enjoy enveloping showers and whirlpools. With them, we will get all the comfort in the simplest way.

Characteristics of luxury showers

To be able to enjoy the luxury showers, we only need two things: a little time to install and eager to enjoy them. This type of shower is characterized by being integrated into the floor and ceiling of the room, although we can also opt for the recessed in the wall, which are even easier to place. As regards the shapes, these can be rounded or square. The choice will be based on our style and personal taste.

The water fall is completely vertical, since the jet leaves from the roof. However, if we have enough space, it is possible to tilt the upper jet so that the fall is diagonal. In this way, it will cross with others and the relaxing effect will be even greater.

Types of luxury showers

The variety of luxury showers is very wide due to the countless variants that exist. Here we propose the most outstanding so you can get an idea of ​​the benefits you can get with them.

Built-in showers

These luxury showers have an extremely innovative design. Although they are probably familiar to us because we can find them in outdoor pools or showers, they are very innovative in a home.

The taps that are embedded in the floor can be installed both in open bathtubs and in shower trays with spaciousness. Unlike the traditional faucet that is integrated into the wall, this model consists of a tower that includes controls, telephone and flexible cable. A high performance shower that will completely renew the appearance of our bathroom.

In Grifería Clever we have the Ventu model; a tap built into the floor that combines straight lines with flat faces. Made of high quality chrome plated brass, they have a glossy finish with mirror effect.

In addition to an UltraSlim aerator that gives volume to water fall, thanks to its adjustable filter we can direct the pressure to our liking and according to our particular needs. It also includes a telephone and a flexible cable.

Wall-mounted showers

These luxury showers are available in a greater variety than the previous ones. Their main attraction is that they manage to make the pipes and other elements of the faucet disappear from view. In addition, due to their designs, they add elegance to our bathroom.

The advantage of built-in luxury showers is to include hydromassage columns in its structure. In this way, we will not only take a shower for hygiene reasons. We can also decontract while we relax under a large spray and with different jets of hydromassage of orientable directions.

Faucet Clever has available the extendable thermostatic shower set with Mikura jets, among other models. Thanks to this design, it is possible to block a water temperature and flow so that it is not affected by the opening of other faucets. A spray of 20 cm in diameter and mountings with 90º turn in ceramic with indesgastable aluminum oxide, make up its design.

Walk-in showers

Another variety of luxury showers that are becoming very popular are those at ground level. In these, the faucet to be installed can be any of the above and even the traditional ones. What makes them different is that the shower space is bounded by the pavement itself. This should include the fall of the water, as well as having a non-slip surface. They are also an ideal option when we do not find a shower tray that fits our measurements.

In Grifería Clever we are experts in bathroom and kitchen parts of the highest quality. We have qualified craftsmen and carry out control tests that allow us to guarantee the best performance and the most careful finishes.


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