Types of temperature regulator for taps

A temperature regulator of a tap is that mechanism that allows us to adjust the degrees to which the water comes out. In this way, we will obtain the one that suits our taste and our particular needs at that moment. Currently, there are different systems for water regulator.Do you know what they are?

The operation of a temperature regulator

There are different modalities when we talk about a temperature regulator. A few decades ago, in order to regulate flow and temperature, we used two different controls. These are the so-called bimand taps, which today, due to their discomfort, have stopped being seen in homes. With the passage of time and advances in technology, other modes of temperature regulator have appeared. All of them pursue the same purpose, which is to control the graduation of water so that it does not come out too cold or too hot. The faster and simpler the possibility of regulating the water, the more we will save. Both in the water consumption itself and in the time that we must wait until we can adjust the temperature to our needs. In any case, if we do not want to waste a drop, there are several tricks to save water. Now that we know what a temperature regulator is for, let’s know what types there are and what their particular characteristics are.

Types of temperature regulators

A temperature regulator can take the form of four different taps, although today, we usually use two mainly.

Single-lever temperature regulator

This type of tap with temperature regulator is the most traditional and is what we can find in most homes. It has a single control handle and when operated from one side to the other we can modify the temperature of the water that comes out. The main advantage offered by these faucets, and the reason they are so popular is their comfort. Simply turn it slightly so the temperature changes. However, depending on the temperature regulator that counts, we can incur an unnecessary expense. Clever faucet mixer taps feature the Cold Open system. What does this mean? That when the handle is in its central position, it is not making use of hot water. Thus, we are not making unnecessary consumption every time we activate it. Thanks to this innovative system, we only activate the hot water when we move the handle to the left side. It is a very comfortable and easy to use temperature regulator. It is available in a wide variety of models, both bathroom faucets and kitchen taps.

Temperature regulator with digital display

This temperature regulator is the most innovative and innovative option of the moment. Advances in technology are beginning to be noticed in all sectors, and we can not only find smart boilers, but also the taps can be. Thus, the taps with digital temperature control have come with a digital LCD screen. It is an advanced thermostatic tap. That is, we can set a specific water temperature and flow but select it through the digital display. And this will indicate the selected information.

This temperature regulator is the one mentioned at the beginning of this article. Through two handles we manually regulate the two water outlets until an adequate graduation is achieved. They are only used when looking for this specific aesthetic.

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