Water jets to treat your body

The strength plus the heat of the water will facilitate your muscles releasing tension

Showers are essential to relax your muscles and help you rest better. Hence why we look forward so much to these moments. Regardless if it is an awakening cold shower in the morning, or a hot, relaxing one after work or the gym. To make this little moment as pleasurable and effective as possible, Clever  offers a wide range of shower heads whose water strength and water jets adapts instantly.

Clever shower heads have up to 5 different positions



Shower heads with up to 5 different positions

Clever showers allow you to change positions. Choose the “rain-effect” for a delicate and relaxing shower that will feel like raindrops while allowing you to regulate pressure. It is also the best choice to rainse your hair, allowing for a quicker and more efficient shower. Besides, you can stimulate your muscles to release that tension when they are stiff by keeping the water jet on the area to treat. The water pressure, together with the heat will activate your blood flow and facilitate recovery.


Instant massage

The “Massage Effect” option in Clever shower heads   will become your favourite one as it will make you feel as if you were receiving a proper massage after a hard workout.

Maximum relax

And for an even more relaxing sensation, choose the “Mouse Effect” or the “Spray Effect” positions. Relaxing your body is paramount to enjoy a shower.

Water saving

Besides, Clever shower heads use Air Advanced technology to inject air into the water jet just before it comes out. This increases the drops volume and makes the showering experience more pleasing and smooth. The Water Reduce technology also helps you cut your water consumption by 30 percent.


In Clever  we keep striving to take innovation in hygiene, comfort and well-being to your home.


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