Waterfall faucets | Characteristics and advantages

The choice of taps in our home will not only affect the aesthetics of this, but also directly affects our comfort. The waterfall taps are one of the latest innovations. The most elegant designs combined with the highest efficiency. We tell you everything you need to know.

What are the characteristics of waterfall taps

The taps of cascade are those whose part for the exit of the water is flat and wider than that of the traditional faucets. In this way, the effect that its own name indicates is achieved: that of a waterfall. Thanks to this system, water flows naturally. In addition, some models bring the inclined spout to facilitate its use. They give us a greater comfort and a series of advantages that not all common faucets can offer us. However, we will all see them later. As regards the characteristics of waterfall taps, we can find differences between the options available in the market. Let’s know them below:

Single-lever / Bimand

The majority of existing faucets for this mode is single-lever. Although it is also possible to find some bimand models. Single-lever waterfall faucets allow us to regulate the water temperature with only one way. This supposes a greater comfort, since with a single control, we can obtain the desired temperature. When it is a bimand model, we must regulate the hot and cold water independently until we reach the temperature we are looking for. This taps usually address an aesthetic issue, being characteristic of taps that were used decades ago. However, since waterfall faucets represent modernity and modern design, most models are single-lever.

Flow control

The waterfall taps allow us to control the flow of water. In this way, we manage to reduce consumption with a simple movement of the handle. Regulatory devices that incorporate incorporated manage to reduce consumption up to 9 liters per minute. This implies a considerable saving that will be reflected in the amount of the invoices. In addition, the Clever waterfall faucets use the EcoNature system. Thanks to this, the water consumption will be reduced by 50%, since the amount of water emanating is automatically limited. In the case that we want to obtain the maximum flow, it will be enough to slightly press the handle upwards so that it makes the whole journey.

Anti-flash system

Another feature of the waterfall taps is that they use antisplash technology. And how does this system affect us? Because of this, we avoid splashing when using the faucet. Often, and no matter how careful we are, both the mirror and the edges of the sink, and even the floor, end with water droplet marks. With the antisplash system we can say goodbye to these uncomfortable spots.

Advantages of waterfall taps

We have already seen what are the characteristics of waterfall taps, but what about their advantages? No use a modern and elegant design if it does not bring benefits. However, with this type of faucet, everything is advantageous. They take up less space One of the main advantages of waterfall taps is that they take up less space than traditional faucets. Thus, we can make the rooms seem larger thanks to their minimalist designs. Saving water As we have already indicated, thanks to the characteristics of this tap we can reduce the amount of water we use. Without having to take any action, and most importantly, without affecting our comfort at the time of having water, we can reduce the amount of water used by up to 50%. A considerable saving in the total amount of our invoices.

Greater comfort

The main advantage offered by the waterfall taps is the very way in which the water emanates. Resembling the water that flows through a river, it circulates smoothly and naturally. In addition, with the anti splash systems, we also avoid that part of the water ends outside the pieces. Thus, the water saving also increases.

If we are evaluating the possibility of installing waterfall taps in our home, in Clever Taps we offer different cascade models, available for both washbasin and shower. Elegant and quality designs, which is guaranteed with a five year warranty. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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